Half-Year Figures of LION Smart GmbH and TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH


HGB Half-Year Figures of LION Smart GmbH:

LION E-Mobility AG announces that revenues of its subsidiary LION Smart GmbH have changed from TEUR 780 to TEUR 690 in the first half of 2017 compared to previous year’s figures.

This can be put down to the fact that projects have been postponed and accounting processes and effects will only be reflected in the second half of the year. The operating result of TEUR -259 (previous year: TEUR -327) can primarily be attributed to increased personnel development. In addition, the company has invested sustainably in customer relationships, seven new patents, expansion of the machine pool, quality management and marketing. Nevertheless, operating costs were reduced compared to the previous year.

The six-month net profit thus improved from TEUR -355 to TEUR -327. The investments made, the operating success with our customers and the good order situation leave us confident about the further business development this year. A supply contract with Kreisel Electric for the stationary storage “Mavero”, for which the production has already started, has been agreed on until 2021.
The management of LION Smart GmbH expects sales to increase in the second half of the year.

IFRS Half-Year Figures of TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH:

TUEV SUED Battery Testing GmbH, a successful joint venture between TUEV SUED and LION, recorded a further increase in turnover in the first half of 2017. Compared to the previous year sales increased by 34.2% to EUR 2,939 TEUR (previous year: 2,190 TEUR). The balance sheet total increased from 9,779 TEUR to 10,240 TEUR. On the asset side this is mainly due to the increase in cash pool receivables from TÜV SÜD AG in the amount of 344 TEUR and on the liability side due to the increase in shareholders’ equity of 341 TEUR. A balance sheet profit in the amount of 442 TEUR has been recorded.

The six-month net profit increased from 75 TEUR to 341 TEUR, resulting primarily from the increase in sales revenues by 749 TEUR. This was offset by the increase in personnel expenses of 174 TEUR, depreciation of 46 TEUR and other expenses of 107 TEUR. EBITDA increased from 492 TEUR to 915 TEUR.
The equity ratio also increased from 57.2% to 58.0%, mainly due to the rise in the balance sheet profit.

Half-year figures:
Sales current year / previous year:                                     + 34.2%
Six-month net profit for the year / previous year:                + 352.6%
Balance sheet profit year / previous year:                          + 336.9%
EBITDA Year / previous year:                                             + 86.1%
Equity ratio 30.06.17:                                                          + 0.8%
Balance sheet total 30.06.17 / 31.12.16:                                + 4.7%