Highly modern battery factory at LION Smart’s cooperation partner Kreisel Electric


Garching, Germany – May, 9th 2016 – LION Smart‘s close cooperation partner Kreisel Electric expands its production capacities by building a new state-of-the-art battery factory at the Austrian city of Rainbach. The new factory „3K one“ will be equipped with a fully automatized production line which will allow for a very economic and fast production of battery packs with a capacity of 800.000 kilowatt hours  per year.

The innovative Kreisel/LION Smart battery technology achieves a significantly higher power- and capacity-density than its rival products. LION Smarts battery management system in combination with Kreisel’s fast charging technology will result in strongly reduced charging times. The battery management system monitors the charging process and gives recommendations concerning the available loading capacity and state of charge of the battery. This technology leap will lead to even more efficient and at the same time more cost efficient production of battery packs.

We are particularly pleased about the tremendous expansion of production, which will have a proportional impact on LION Smart’s turnover of its battery management systems. This is a further step towards the forecasted doubling of turnover in the current fiscal year.